Many overly ambitious and sometimes inadvisable home projects can arise from bouts of boredom. Some of these DIYs include hanging new cabinets without any experience using only a YouTube tutorial, building a treehouse that you could never convince anyone is safe to use, or the easiest: painting your home yourself. Changing the color of a wall sounds simple, but it can change the entire vibe of a room. Maybe you want to add a tranquil cerulean accent wall or bring some atmosphere to your outdoor hangout space. You might have some old chairs that could use freshening up with a new coat of paint or varnish. Whatever your project may be, here are a few tips you should know before you pick up a brush.

Squeaky clean walls

And just like your new rolling brush, the walls you’re going to need a bit of prep work, in a word, as well. No matter how much you clean your house, you’d never exactly think of giving your walls a good scrubbing, would you?

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But that’s precisely what you need to do. A small wipe down of the wall you are going to wage paint war on is a lot easier to tackle than the grimy, dusty mess you’d have otherwise. A Swiffer stick with a towel attached will do the job.

Reusable paint trays

One of the worst things about painting your home yourself is that you’re not paying someone to do your work for you, and two, you will have to deal with the cleanup. We know the essential supplies for a paint job: tray, brush and paint.

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The tray can be a hassle to wash, especially if you take long breaks and the paint dries. Fortunately, by lining the tray with a plastic bag or foil, you can at least kick “clean paint trays” off a future to-do list.

DIY brush holder

It is indescribably annoying when after a hard day of slapping paint on walls, you put down your brush and realize a few moments later that you’d unknowingly set the dirty, paint-filled brush down on something you weren’t supposed to.

Image courtesy of rachelschultz.com

The solution to this particular problem is sitting somewhere inside your refrigerator. So, finish off that milk jug and cut out a side of it so that you can rest the brush in the spout and fill the bottom section with paint.

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