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9 delicious ingredients that will help you lose that tummy fat without exercising!


  1. FISH

Fish meat is considered a highly beneficial meal for the health in general. Among the most recommended fishes, we can find the salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna, trout, laibut and bass.

A diet loaded with polyunsaturated fats helps melt those extra pounds, since it makes you feel satiated without adding empty calories with every bite. Remember to cook it in healthy ways, so avoid fried fish and fatty side dishes. Grilling, steaming island baking these meats are the best ways to cook these kinds of meals during a diet.

Omega-3 acids help your body burn away the fat, but that’s not the only benefit that eating fish will bring! Fish are rich in protein, which supplies you with extra energy to remain active through the day.

It’ll also improve your brain and heart health, as well as reduce inflammation and muscle discomforts.

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